Whyalla’s Stormfront Productions is proud to launch the 2018 Whyalla Recording Scholarship (WRS) to “Expand the Horizons” of young original music talents from our region.

2017 winner BREEZE Millard has just finished her tenure, having seen her debut single “I Have My Own Life” sell strongly on iTunes, reach number 8 on the national AMRAP radio chart and result in over 100 broadcast, print and online media interviews and features during the last 12 months.

In 2018 WRS will cast a much wider net – young original musicians aged 12 to 21 can now apply if they are residents of Cleve, Kimba, Franklin Harbour, Port Augusta, Flinders Ranges, Mt Remarkable and Orroroo Carrieton.

WRS Founders Mark Tempany and Alison Hams said “Our inaugural year with BREEZE proved what amazing young talent is out there and how important it is to have such a rare professional package like this available in a regional setting”.

“As BREEZE has built her musical profile we’ve continued to receive enormous interest from people all over the State – as a result we’re delighted to expand our net to many neighbouring areas this year!”

With “I Have My Own Life” as a major credit – Stormfront were named in the state’s Top 5 Recording Studios at the 2017 South Australian Music Awards.

“All people should have access to the arts and creative excellence.  We are particularly passionate about providing professional guidance and resources to young people in regional areas where such opportunities are rare or non-existent.  The WRS audition process offers this and so much more to all entrants – not just the winner” said Alison.

The Whyalla Recording Scholarship is an entirely independent and not-for-profit initiative inviting financial and in-kind donations to support its work.  Anyone interested in entering or supporting WRS in 2018 should visit www.whyallarecording.com for more information.


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E:  info@whyallarecording.com
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Alison Hams  0412 132 845

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