RDAWEP has been successful in its application to the Department for Innovation and Skills to fund a training program for certificate III in Rural Operations across Eyre Peninsula for twenty students.

This funding was sought after RDAWEP ran a survey which highlighted that Eyre Peninsula farmers generally employ very few people directly other than family members, and supplement that workforce with extra workers during seeding and harvest periods. During these busier times they employ casual farm workers who are most often seasonal workers, but not always formally trained or qualified.

The survey also highlighted that modern farming is evolving rapidly, with new technologies becoming mainstream. Heavy machinery is at the core of broad acre cropping and our survey respondents showed very strong support towards machinery operations skills as a fundamental component of farm worker training. In support of this need, the project intends to offer farm workers certificate level qualifications and experience in the myriad of new skills required.

This project will provide the opportunity to bring students from small farming communities across Eyre Peninsula and aggregate them into a group which will provide the economies of scale needed for a Registered Training Organisation to successfully carry out the training.

Farming businesses will benefit from greater efficiencies, profits, land management skills and farm safety awareness, which are skills that are always enhanced by appropriate, industry specific training.