Our Staff

The Board is supported by a staff team with extensive government and private sector experience in regional economic and community development.

All Project Managers have a primary economic development role and region-wide responsibilities. Staff with appropriate experience and expertise are dedicated to the following key activity areas:

  • Economic Development – Whyalla
  • Tourism Development
  • Food Industry Development
  • Indigenous Economic Development
  • Employment and Skills Development
  • Business Development
  • Marketing
  • Special Projects
  • Aged and Disability Care – Whyalla

Regional Economic Development

Dion Dorward
Position:  Chief Executive Officer/Director Regional Development
Email:  dion.dorward@rdawep.org.au
Region:  Whole of Region

Peter Scott
Position:  Economic Development Manager
Email:  peter.scott@rdawep.org.au
Mobile:  0455 026 000
Region:  Eyre

David Penfold
Position: Economic Development Manager
Email:  david.penfold@rdawep.org.au 
Mobile:  0421 055 590
Region:  Whyalla

Brad Riddle
Position:  Tourism/Economic Development Manager
Email:  brad.riddle@rdawep.org.au
Mobile:  0427 824 688
Region:  Whole of Region

Howard Coote
Position:  Indigenous Economic Development Officer
Email:  howard.coote@rdawep.org.au
Mobile:  0429 672 400
Region:  Whole of Region

Jade Ballantine
Position:  Special Projects Officer
Email:  jade.ballantine@rdawep.org.au
Phone:  0422 910 963
Region:  Whole of Region

Bes Abdic
Position:  Marketing Coordinator
Email:  bes.abdic@rdawep.org.au
Mobile:  0428 319 258
Region:  Whole of Region

Employment and Skills Development

Peter Mitchell
Position:  Employment and Skills Development Manager
Email:  peter.mitchell@rdawep.org.au
Mobile:  0429 826 588
Region:  Whole of Region

Paula Wilson
Position:  Career Practitioner – Whyalla Career Development Centre
Email:  cdcpractitioner@rdawep.org.au
Phone:  08 8644 3198
Region:  Whole of Region

National Disability Workforce

Bronwen Caple
Position: NDIS Officer
Email: browen.caple@rdawep.org.au
Phone: 0417 457 811
Region: Whole of Region

Corporate Services

Roger Paul
Position:  Manager Corporate Services
Email:  roger.paul@rdawep.org.au
Phone:  0468 348 501
Region:  Whole of Region

Aina Danis
Position:  Executive Assistant
Email:  aina.danis@rdawep.org.au
Phone:  08 8623 0517
Region:  Eyre

Sandy Jones
Position:  Administration Officer
Email:  whyallareception@rdawep.org.au
Phone:  08 8645 7811
Region:  Whyalla

Sue Henriksen
Position:  Administration Officer
Email:  sue.henriksen@rdawep.org.au
Phone:  08 8682 6588
Region:  Eyre

Nicole Ettridge
Position:  Administration Officer
Email:  reception@rdawep.org.au
Phone:  08 8682 6588
Region:  Eyre

Due to the vast size of the region and the distances that need to be travelled for work purposes, RDAWEP has two offices located in Port Lincoln and Whyalla.